Animal Welfare at
Frigorífico La Caballada -
Cledinor S.A.

Cledinor S.A. works to promote good animal welfare as an intrinsic part of productive, sustainable and profitable livestock farming.

Commitment to Ethical Practices

At Frigorífico La Caballada – Cledinor S.A., a proud member of Marfrig Uruguay, we prioritize the welfare of the animals in our care as a fundamental aspect of our operations. Our commitment to animal welfare is integral to maintaining the high standards of quality and sustainability that define our products and practices.

Our Approach to Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that responsible animal handling is not only ethical but also essential to the quality of the products we offer. Our approach is based on respect, care, and the continuous improvement of our handling practices, which align with national and international welfare standards.

Training and Education

We invest heavily in training and education for our staff and partners. Regular workshops and training sessions ensure that our team is skilled in the latest animal welfare techniques and fully understands the importance of our welfare policies.

Cledinor’s sheep and beef cattle breeding is deeply committed to upholding the highest standards of animal welfare.

Key Principles of Our Animal Welfare Policy:

We ensure that all animals are treated with respect and care throughout their lifecycle. This commitment extends to our suppliers, partners, and everyone involved in the supply chain.

  • Humane Treatment:

    • Treat animals with compassion and respect throughout their lives.
    • Ensure humane handling at all phases, including breeding, transport, and processing.
  • Health and Nutrition:

    • Prioritize the health and nutritional well-being of animals.
    • Veterinary teams and caretakers provide breed and life-stage specific diets.
    • Implement regular health monitoring and preventive care.
  • Living Conditions:

    • Provide environments that support natural behaviors and well-being.
    • Ensure comfortable resting areas, adequate space, and proper social conditions.
  • Transport and Slaughter Practices:

    • Follow strict guidelines to minimize stress and discomfort during transport and slaughtering.
    • Facilities and procedures adhere to the highest standards for humane treatment.
  • Continuous Training and Education:

    • Provide ongoing training for staff in animal welfare practices.
    • Keep staff updated on humane techniques and sensitive to animal needs.
  • Transparency and Accountability:

    • Maintain openness in all animal welfare initiatives and practices.
    • Conduct regular audits and reviews to ensure policy compliance and continuous improvement.

Experience the distinct flavor of Uruguayan grass-fed meat.


Our Uruguayan beef, exclusively grass-fed, is a vital source of nutrients. Our cattle are raised on a natural diet without grains and are free from antibiotics and growth hormones. This commitment to purity ensures that our beef is among the leanest, healthiest, and most natural in the world.



Our lambs roam freely in lush, expansive pastures, feeding primarily on natural grasses, hay, and silage. The outcome is Uruguay lamb that is tender, nutritious, and low in fat, consistently meeting the highest international quality standards. With pride, we export this premium lamb to over 80 countries worldwide.


Innovations in Animal Welfare Innovation is key to advancing animal welfare at Frigorífico La Caballada – Cledinor S.A. We employ the latest technologies and methods to monitor animal health and behavior, allowing for immediate responses to any issues. This proactive approach not only enhances animal welfare but also improves the quality of our products.

Collaboration and Transparency Collaboration with veterinarians, animal welfare experts, and academic institutions helps us stay at the forefront of animal welfare practices. We are transparent about our methods and continually seek input from the global community to refine and enhance our practices.

Certifications and Recognition We are proud to have our efforts recognized through various certifications and accolades that underscore our commitment to animal welfare. These certifications are a testament to our rigorous standards and the effective implementation of our welfare practices.

Future Commitments Looking ahead, Frigorífico La Caballada – Cledinor S.A. is committed to ongoing improvements in animal welfare. We are constantly exploring new methodologies and technologies that could further enhance the lives of our animals and, by extension, the quality of the products we offer our customers.

Join Us in Our Commitment We invite our customers, partners, and the public to learn more about our animal welfare initiatives. Together, we can continue to set the standard for ethical meat production and ensure that our practices serve as a model for the industry.

At Frigorífico La Caballada – Cledinor S.A., we are not just producing meat; we are nurturing lives with the utmost respect and care. Thank you for supporting our journey towards a more humane and sustainable future.