Premium Natural Beef and Lamb from Uruguay

Discover Tradition and Quality in Every Cut

Welcome to Frigorífico La Caballada – Cledinor S.A., the cornerstone of Marfrig Group, where tradition meets modern innovation in the heart of Uruguay. At Plant #394, we are proud to specialize in producing the highest quality beef and lamb products that cater to both local and international tastes.

Sustainability is at the core of our operations. We are committed to responsible sourcing and environmental stewardship.

At Frigorífico La Caballada, we are dedicated to maintaining rigorous quality control processes at every stage of production. From the pasture to your plate, our beef and lamb are products of a traceable and controlled supply chain, ensuring premium quality and freshness.

While we are proud to be a significant player on the global stage, our heart remains local. Whether you are a customer, a partner, or someone interested in quality meat products, Frigorífico La Caballada is your trusted source.

International And Domestic Sales. Why Uruguay Meat Is Best?

Cledinor S.A. is renowned for producing top-quality, grass-fed beef and lamb. We are proud to supply Uruguay’s highest quality, leanest, natural meat products to the world.

We don’t believe in using artificial proteins or growth hormones – natural is best. You can be confident you can always get the finest meat cuts from us.

Uruguay open-air grass pastures, which enjoy clean rainfall and natural sunlight, lend themselves to producing the most trusted beef and lamb in the world.

Our livestock are free of antibiotics and growth-promoting hormone treatments. The result is full-flavoured meat, enriched with essential vitamins Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E and Conjugate Lineloic Acid (CLA).

Getting the Best Cuts

Premium Quality Uruguay Beef


Square Cut Chuck

Chuck Tenders

Rolled Ribs

Cube Roll

Flank Steak


Butt Tenderloin


Our grass-fed lamb beef meat

Experience the distinct flavor of Uruguayan grass-fed meat.


Our Uruguayan beef, exclusively grass-fed, is a vital source of nutrients. Our cattle are raised on a natural diet without grains and are free from antibiotics and growth hormones. This commitment to purity ensures that our beef is among the leanest, healthiest, and most natural in the world.



Our lambs roam freely in lush, expansive pastures, feeding primarily on natural grasses, hay, and silage. The outcome is Uruguay lamb that is tender, nutritious, and low in fat, consistently meeting the highest international quality standards. With pride, we export this premium lamb to over 80 countries worldwide.


Understanding Red Meat: What We Already Know

We understand that red meat is a nutrient-dense whole food, abundant in protein and minerals, and when incorporated into a balanced diet, it effectively meets nutritional needs. This innovative research program aims to investigate the distinctions between grass-fed beef and lamb, and grain-fed beef and alternative proteins. Our objective is to provide consumers with a well-rounded perspective on their food choices..