Premium Quality Beef

Grass-Fed and Grain-finished Uruguay beef

Grass-fed Uruguay beef

Cledinor S.A. sources the majority of its premium beef and lamb from grass-fed cattle and sheep, benefitting from Uruguay’s lush pastures and favorable climate. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our brands, including Tacuarembó and Premium Angus Beef Tacuarembó, celebrated globally for their exceptional taste, texture, and nutritional quality.

Grain-finished Uruguay beef

Hand-selected for exceptional quality, our cattle and sheep begin with 18 months of grazing on Uruguay’s pristine pastures, followed by a 135-day period of grain finishing. This careful process results in distinctive marbling and tenderness, particularly noted in our Wagyu Beef (The Marling Breed) Tacuarembó. Our blend of grass-fed and locally sourced grain ensures a culinary experience that epitomizes Frigorífico La Caballada – Cledinor S.A.’s dedication to supreme taste and quality. Learn more about our grain-finished beef offerings below.

Getting the Best Cuts

Premium Quality Uruguay Beef


Narrow Steak

Wide steak


Quadril cover

Top round

Plate 13 ribs

Robbed Forequarter




Heel Muscle

Rose meat


Frozen Beef Bone Neck

Chuck Bone With Meat

Beef Meaty Navel Bone

Knee Bone With Meat