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Rump Cap

Box Size



60x24x15 - 60x40x28


Vacuum Sealed

Pieces x Box

8/12 pieces

Weight x Box

≈15kg - ≈20kg

Thermal Condition



you read than 3.0kg/more than 3.0kg

Product description

The Rump Cap, a prized cut of lamb, resides atop the rump, nestled beneath a delicate layer of fat that enhances its flavor and tenderness. Situated along the natural seam, it is meticulously separated to reveal its distinct qualities. This process not only ensures the integrity of the cut but also allows for optimal presentation and preparation. As the top muscles of the rump, the Rump Cap embodies a perfect balance of rich marbling and succulent meat, promising a culinary experience that is both indulgent and satisfying.

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