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Top Sirloin

Box Size



60x24x15 - 60x40x28


Vacuum Sealed

Pieces x Box

8/12 pieces

Weight x Box

≈15kg - ≈20kg

Thermal Condition



you read than 3.0kg/more than 3.0kg

Product description

The top sirloin cut is carefully extracted from the bone-in rump with precision and expertise. Beginning at the pin bone, a skilled butcher adeptly separates the top sirloin, ensuring to include approximately 22mm of the flank or tail of the rump, which adds to its succulence and flavor profile. During this meticulous process, the tenderloin at the butt end is thoughtfully removed to create a distinct and refined cut. This attention to detail guarantees that each portion of the top sirloin is optimized for tenderness and taste.

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